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Shared WordPress Hosting: How To Choose The Best Hosting

Hey guys, this is Monica; in this article, we will talk about choosing the best possible shared WordPress hosting platform or maybe eventually not even wanting one.

this is how the conversation will go first we’ll talk a little about what shared hosting is its main advantages and disadvantages and who the typical customers of a shared WordPress hosting are and what you as a WordPress website owner should and need to expect from your hosting provider just so we’re clear and realistic about the expectations.

that you can have with your shared hosting provider after that we will talk about shared hosting and its place in the age of fast development of technologies and then we’ll discuss the one alternative to shared hosting that you definitely do not know about then.

we will talk about the two main WordPress hosting type options that you have and leave it to you to make the educated decision so let’s get started.

you are more interested in as you know a website and your website to is a whole bunch of data that is stored on a server now in case of shared hosting it’s like being a part of a big commune you share your space on the server with a bunch of other websites.

who are basically like your neighbors but if in the case of a commune you also get some benefits, for example, someone cooking dinner and sharing it with you or maybe helping you fix your sink in case of shared host things all you get are mostly risks and no rewards at all here’s.

why the other websites that you’re sharing our space with can and often have faulty securities so if any of them gets hacked or compromised in some way all the other websites on the same server are also at risk of being affected or a bad website may suddenly have a sudden surge of traffic coming to their website and this may slow down all the other websites and their performance on the same server.

slowing it down to a turtle speed is basically a very common complaint when it comes to website owners or managers that use shared hosting now the whenever you share a server with other websites the speed of your website cannot be too fast and the consistency of the uptime cannot being perfect.

as well-meaning that whenever a person visits your website they may be tired of waiting for it to get low fully loaded and just leave your website or maybe someone might click on your URL and find that your website has been crashed everything is very disappointing.

let’s not even mention how important your website speed is for Google rankings now on top of the performance issues there are also many extra efforts that you need to make for your shared hosting platform.

for example, you will need to install a third-party caching service you will need to pay additional money in order to purchase an SSL certificate in order to make the connections more secure.

you’ll need to also install a staging plugin or to test the changes before making them go live then you will also need to scan them for vulnerabilities and malfunctioning plugins on your own from time to time and most importantly you will need to limit yourself within the resources.


that are provided to you by your shared hosting company and this list goes on and on In sure everyone is sure to agree that shared hosting can be a whole different headache for website owners in many ways so you might be questioning yourself why is it that people even eventually end up using shared hosts things.

what are the advantages of a shared hosting the answer is pretty straightforward the reason is that shared hostings are the cheapest possible hosting types that you can get for your WordPress website the prices usually range from three to ten dollars a month and basically you can’t get any WordPress hosting for any cheaper these are the prices that usually.

people make those famous for the price of a Starbucks Frappuccino type of comments this explains a lot or used to explain a lot shared how things are for the websites that usually college professors ask for their students to have for an online portfolio and usually types of websites have about in total of three readers and they’re the friends of the website owner so they will continue reading the blog even if it crashes every once in a few days usually.

what would happen is that people would start off by using the share WordPress hosting for their WordPress website for a starting point and then whenever they would make more money they would switch to a better hosting type.

so shared hosting has served humanity well, in fact, it uses the principles start where you are and work your way up most of your favorite bloggers and influencers have started out by using your share WordPress hosting somewhere back in the distant past but they’ve moved on and are now using a better WordPress hosting platform.

but let’s be real here you a website owner or a blog owner I have an idea in order to realize this idea you will need a website and in the perfect world you need your website to be accessible all times and be very fast be you need it to have a simple and beautiful design and to be easily built see you wanted to cover its own technical aspects and have all the features in order to do so and D you wanted to handle your traffic and have enough storage space for your data with shared hosting.

you cannot expect any of those needs to be met you can only cross your fingers and hope that one day you’ll be able to make more money and afford a better WordPress hosting but guess what technology in general and hosting technology, in particular, have developed.

so much that shared hosting platforms even the best-shared hosting is not relevant anymore with the growing popularity and the increasing accessibility of hosting on cloud shared hosting are most probably on their way out soon every website.

will have its own server to be hosted and its own IP address so basically the real revolution of shared hosting platforms are here now every website owner every WordPress website owner and even the beginner ones will be able to have their needs fully met how 10Web offers you a managed WP hosting would which means that you can host your site on a managed hosting that typically costs $30 a month for 10 dollars per month.


10web-price Pricing


so basically if you are a developer and need to host 10 or more websites you will be able to do that by for $6 a month per website now this is something very disruptive in the market and you can totally forget about the high costs of regular managed WordPress hosting and the low cost of shared hosting but low performance is because you’ll be able to get a managed WP hosting at the price of shared hosting.

let’s compare them based on the speed security features and support and see how is managed to host better than the shared hosting now starting with the speed so managed WP hosting powered by Google clouds are used the state-of-the-art technologies which ensure that your website is super fast and super reliable so instead of being a small part of a huge commune your website will have its own separate server and its own IP address and basically it will be super fast and super secure and reliable so many many data centers work closer together in order to ensure that your website never goes down.

now that you have the whole speed issue all covered up whenever your focus on the SEO section of improving your website’s performance you can’t forget about the speed which is basically something that people spend a lot of time and resources for improving and not only will your visitors be satisfied whenever browsing your website also they will be easier to convert to customers or readers depending on what type of website your yours is in fact.

if your website is either built with 10Web or is migrated to 10Web hosting you will be able to get a Google PageSpeed score of 95 plus automatically and you can worry about the other aspects of managing your WordPress website number two is security so hosting your site on Google cloud automatically makes your website as secure as it can possibly get and with the automatically generated 10 a restore points by 10Web.

if anything ever surpasses these security services and damages your website you will be able to easily restore these damages and bring back the original version of your website with only one click also you will get an absolutely free SSL certificate so your site will be able to establish secured and encrypted connections number three features the features that you get with 10Web managed WP hosting are just too many to count basically whenever you choose 10Web you just do not need to worry about installing third-party software.

but you can do it if you feel like it here’s what you get you get dozens of templates designer meets templates that you can install with only one click and edit it completely using the most popular editor which is Elementor which is made even better with widgets you also get a backup service an image optimizer and SEO optimizer service.

also a staging environment in order to test that all the changes before making them go live you also get a gallery, form-maker, and any other WordPress software that basically comes to your mind and all of this works perfectly together and comes with all the plans absolutely for free.

the next one is supporting sure shared Hosting also has support however it most probably they are not going to be 24/7 and WordPress specific 10Web itself on being able to take on any WordPress related questions 24/7 by our online chat.

So if you have any type of questions or problems the solutions and answers to them are only one online chat conversation away from so now that we’ve talked about the best share WordPress hosting providers and why you shouldn’t choose them you can make your educated choice just kidding but their answer is pretty apparent no more shared hosting and no more bothering you with the problematic migrations from shared hosting to a different host.

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