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Bluehost Review 2020 | Is This Web Hosting Provider Worth It?

A lot of what’s published on the internet about WordPress hosting is total and complete nonsense. In most cases it’s even flat-out lies there are plenty of companies who just changed the name of their regular web hosting packages to WordPress optimized then pay people to promote it and this way the trick users into thinking they’re buying actually good WordPress hosting plans.

And this makes me mad because here’s the thing WordPress software runs fine on typical web hosting plans. So, they can get away with selling your regular plans just renamed WordPress hosting.

But WordPress does have some needed requirements that are not generic so some companies can offer seriously better performance and support but these companies get lost in the sea of BS recommendations. So, in this article.

I want to show you what to look for when choosing the best WordPress hosting provider which optimizations matter which ones don’t I’ll also include some performance tests from various web hosting companies and give you some unbiased data-based recommendations Let’s start by looking at what you should pay attention to when choosing your WordPress hosting.

The configuration is much more important than the raw specs of your plan, let me explain, let’s say you find the web hosting provider that’s offering you 50-gigabyte storage 100-gigabyte bandwidth 20 domains 20 databases 20 FTP accounts full DNS management and $0 setup with instant activation and has the tag WordPress optimized.

Seems Like A Lot Yeah But Does That Actually Mean Anything?

No, no it does not. It’s exactly the same as the car salesman that’s going to sell you a car that has these features. Four wheels, one steering wheel, full coat of paint, ability to turn off and on lights whenever you want. A full engine and fuel management, while having the tag road optimized.

Sounds silly when we put it that way yeah? So, the question is what does matter and what do you need to look out for when you’re choosing the best WordPress hosting provider? Litespeed, Apache, or Nginx technology some sort of a database caching solution, support for PHP 7, and HTTP/2 preferably both.

These are the keywords you should pay attention to this is the core of a fast WordPress website and everything else is simply a nice bonus I’ve monitored and I continue to monitor plenty of web hosting companies. So, what I did is I rank them based on the performance and price ratio that they offer for their web hosting plans for WordPress.

I’m only gonna talk about the companies that I actually recommend I’m not gonna waste your time talking about something that’s bad just to pad out the time on this article.

And you’ll really want to read this article because the difference of exactly the same price to WordPress plans with different providers that use different configurations can be as much as two times Hostinger is one of the cheapest providers you can find on the market right now their plans for the WordPress optimized web hosting start from $2.15 cents per month.


Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plan
Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plan


but you can get that down to $1.94 per month using, Hostinger ticks two of the three boxes that we discussed previously they have configured their servers to use Lightspeed they’re running PHP 7.4 which is the latest version as of making this article and they take advantage of the NGINX technology the only thing their servers are missing is a dedicated caching solution like Memcached.

Once inside your Hostinger account, you’ll be able to install WordPress on any of your plans automatically with just a couple of clicks. Just click manage next to your hosting plan then choose auto-installers. From the menu choose WordPress and fill out all of the required information.

I’ve created this website and tested out the loading speed using GT metrics my fully designed web page with Hostinger WordPress hosting loaded in 2 seconds this is using PHP 7.4 Lightspeed cache and image optimizations that were automatically activated when I installed WordPress with Hostinger.

Litespeed cache actually pre-installed with your WordPress installation but you can actually download the plug-in yourself if you want to from the WordPress plugin store as well. But keep in mind that Litespeed cache only works with web hosting providers that use Litespeed servers.

I imported the same exact design into my WordPress website created with Hostgator they also advertise WordPress hosting and increasing speed but they don’t use the technologies mentioned earlier and they only run on PHP 7.1 at best. The exact same website loaded in 4.8 seconds just to prove my point that configuration matters more than raw specs.

when it comes to WordPress and not every single WordPress hosting comes created equally what I did is I optimized all of the images on my Hostgator website and reduced the website size by like 40% then I redid the test and it was still twice as slow loading in 4.1 seconds. I’ve also tested how stable Hostinger is using Pingdom in the last 30 days my website with Hostinger was offline for 7 minutes in total.

Scoring Hostinger a 99.98% uptime so on average you’ll have no problems with your website being offline when you need it. I also really like that Hostinger comes with 24/7 easy to access support just click this icon right here and start chatting when it comes to response times I can’t really give like an honest review on them because your mileage will vary you might get an answer within one minute or one hour depending on how heavily loaded this support staff is at the moment.

But it’s always nice to know that you can contact them for free and they’ll do their best to help you out whichever way they can whenever they can. One of the best features for me is that you’re able to send and receive pictures through their chat most other companies offer text-only and this makes it easier to explain your problem or follow instructions.

So, if you’re looking for a fast website that starts gonna cost you a ton of money I recommend you go with the Hostinger WordPress plans because they’re gonna cost you like two bucks a month and you’re gonna get top-notch performance.

However, if you got some money to spend keep watching I got better options coming but they’re gonna be more expensive SiteGround is another company that has true WordPress optimized plans they’re using NGINX and Apache have the latest PHP version which is currently 7.4 and have developed a custom caching solution based on Memcached.

They tick all of the three boxes for good WordPress optimized infrastructure they actually take it one step further by offering users SG optimizer a custom plugin that only works on SiteGround and allows you to further optimize your website yourself and most importantly fast and easy.

All you need to do to create a WordPress website with SiteGround is log in click new website and follow their setup steps everything is done automatically and you’ll have your website up and running in like 2 to 5 minutes.

I’ve added these same exact WordPress designs as to my Hostinger website then I used the SG optimizer plugin that came with my plan and did everything it suggested to optimize my website.

The process took another couple of minutes, in the end, Google rated my website a 95 out of a 100 then I’ve used GT metrics to perform a speed test as you can see if these optimizations weren’t just for show my website loaded in 2.1 seconds.

I’ve also used Pingdom and monitored how stable SiteGround is for 30 days my website experiences outages for four minutes in total scoring SiteGround close to 100% uptime on average I would say that SiteGround is faster than Hostinger, their control panel is also easier and faster to navigate and you get more optimization options.

However, this comes at a cost SiteGround is not a cheap product usually SiteGround plans are somewhere between 4 to 6 dollars.

However, I will update the description with the most recent deals or coupons so you always get the best deal. So, here’s what I mean when I say SiteGround is not cheap. The cheapest three-year SiteGround plan will cost you $230 for reference the cheapest Hostinger plan was $43 and it was for 4 years not 3.

However, SiteGround does include some features that Hostinger doesn’t have that’s website staging and automatic updates SiteGround automatically updates.

Your WordPress to the latest version this also includes plugins you can toggle this function on and off it’s a nice time saver in my books. So, there’s a considerable difference between SiteGround and Hostinger prices even though SiteGround on average is faster it’s also way more expensive.

So, who do I recommend SiteGround to well if you got the budget you don’t really care about the money you just want the fastest website available then SiteGround might be right up your alley So, a non-problem problem that SiteGround and Hostinger has is that they don’t use the standard Cpanel.

control tools both of these hosting providers have developed their own control panels just for reference here’s the Hostinger panel they call it the hPanel this is the SiteGround custom solution that they’ve just released and this is the cPanel that A2hosting has if we would dive into their server specs however they have Litespeed server technology.

you can see that they utilized Memcache and use PHP 7 and above so A2Hosting ticks all of the three boxes required for fast WordPress hosting,

the bad part is that to get these optimized plans you’ll need to buy at least the turbo-boost plan which is $9.99 a month and that’s with a 50% discount you can get the discount yourself as well by using the links below. Anything below the turbo plan does not come with these necessary optimizations.

So, keep that in mind for a 3year plan you’re gonna end up spending 360 bucks that’s quite a hefty chunk. But you do get absolutely everything you need to start a successful website like updates backups staging support and most importantly cPanel controls.

if you’re looking for that sort of stuff. To give you some performance results the WordPress website I have installed with A2hosting loads in 2.1 second which is on par with Hostinger and SiteGround.

In terms of stability A2Hosting performs excellent as well in the last 30 days my A2Hosting website was only offline for eight minutes scoring it an uptime of 99.98% and most importantly A2hosting WordPress plans come with A2 optimizer plugin as well already installed in your WordPress client.

This plugin will allow you to manage your WordPress optimizations from one place and it will give you some tips and easy access to perform optimizations yourself. The question is should you choose A2 hosting to host your WordPress website. Well, I can only recommend them if you want cPanel controls because, in my opinion, Hostinger is the better cheaper option SiteGround is the better premium option,

However, if you’re currently with A2 hosting you’re in the good hands I don’t recommend you go out and switch especially if you never have problems with them.

They’re working just fine I just think that their prices are a little bit too steep at the moment. when we’re talking about WordPress there’s no way around it so we have to talk about the elephant in the room which is Bluehost.

What changed? Nothing absolutely nothing changed and that’s the problem time went on and Bluehost didn’t upgrade their tech at all. Here I’ve set up the exact same test scenario as I had for other hosts on this list using Bluehost and it loaded my website in 4.2 seconds very similar to Hostgator and that’s no surprise both Hostgator and Bluehost are owned by the same company and they’re using very similar tech when it comes to stability.

Bluehost also performed the worst out of all companies on this list scoring just 99.96% with a total of 16 minutes of downtime Bluehost actually ticks zero out of the three-speed checkboxes we determined were important to have a fast WordPress website and their stats perfectly reflect this.

They’re slow compared to others on this list does this mean that Bluehost is bad for WordPress the number one recommended provided by WordPress themselves is not all that great this might sound confusing but actually no and before you call me a sellout in the comments down below hear me out I actually have valid points for this.

For some reason, Bluehost actually decided to compete in a completely different way while every single web hosting provider is rushing to get the latest tech the fastest servers the best loading times Bluehost is focusing on the most complete user experience.

I would actually compare them to Apple everybody knows that the Apple tech isn’t the fastest or the cheapest there are faster and cheaper phones tablets computers available but Apple is loved by millions across the world because of the user experience and all the features and the feel you get when you use their services Bluehost offers a lot of easy to access tools.

that are complicated otherwise you can set up Google ads straight from your Bluehost dashboard and advertise your website on Google to drive additional traffic a really great tool for business owners that comes with the base.

Bluehost package and if you’re running an e-commerce store ads are pretty much a must they have this easy to follow steps program as well where they show you what you need to do in order to make sure your website is if the best it can be you can tackle problems one by one and make sure you’re not forgetting anything important.

you can tick the box once the job is done and you’ll get some advice from Bluehost for an additional cost they even help you out with SEO helping you get your business discovered they also send you monthly reports of how you’re doing versus your competition and stuff like that. They’ll also allow you to manage comments on your website directly in their dashboard and Bluehost takes care of the updates automatically even with the cheapest plan.


Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting
Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting


It’s not terribly expensive as well obviously not as cheap as Hostinger but it’s in the middle of SiteGround and A2 hosting doesn’t get me wrong absolutely everything that Bluehost is offering in terms of these extra features you can do yourself with other web hosting providers but do you want to think of this as building a computer yourself versus buying a pre-built one.

For me personally, I don’t find the Bluehost features all that appealing I can do everything myself and I prefer to do everything myself but at the same time, I can understand how most people value their features over server speed because even if you have the fastest server in the world it’s not gonna save your website.

if you have no idea what you’re doing with it Okay let’s sum this up we talked about three web hosting providers that have meaningful WordPress optimizations in place and offer the fastest services and then we talked about one that has just the best user experience in a place which one should you get?

If you’re looking for an affordable choice that has all of the necessary optimizations in place offers 24/7 support and all of that good stuff go with Hostinger they’re by far the cheapest and the service is top-notch if you don’t care about the money you just want to have the fastest website with the most user-friendly controls go with SiteGround they’re a premium host that uses the newest technologies.

you’ll always have the latest toys to play with but again it comes at a price A2 hosting if you care about speed but don’t want to use anything else besides cPanel and finally Bluehost if you don’t care about your speed since they’re twice as slow as everything else on this list but you’re new to website creation and you’ll take advantage of their beginner tailored features.

My name is Monica and feel free to start the discussion down in the comments for this article I’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible covering multiple different angles and doing all sorts of performance tests as always good luck making our websites you.

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